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Sharing the Secrets of Spirituality
Monday, May 09 2022

Day 9

In treatment of so-called disease, you must seek perfection and know that it is established unto us.  According to Eastern Philosophy both health and disease are delusions, only a human concept, a relative idea in our own consciousness.   When Jesus treated, he only sought perfection.  His great statement was perfection always and that perfection was always established.

There are many steps and many methods available today, but only one Power.  If our ideal is Perfection; we are going to arrive at a point where there are no agencies or outside healers.  The agency or healer which we chose only indicates the progress we have made in our own mind as to the suitable and most efficient means of admitting perfection into our being.

How you heal is a choice.  One may think it must come through a pill, another may think it comes through an affirmation, but where ever it comes from, it is the Perfection or Principle that manifests.  

I do the majority of my work remotely, in treating at a distance, or what metaphysical healers call absent treatment, thought is more rapid and more potent than words.  Thought doesn’t know time and space, while a word or audible sound belongs on the material plane and must traverse space and endure time in order to reach its destination.  Thought does not travel it is already there.  Every fact in Spirit is already there and further, it is already in evidence. 

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