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Sharing the Secrets of Spirituality
Saturday, April 30 2022

Day Eight 

As I progress through my studies I find more and more evidence that 'What We Think About We Bring About.'

Sometimes its hard to live the whole positive attitude, holding the images in our mind of what we want to manifest.  Here is a message found in Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, which talks about this very process, which God has given to each of us.

Many of us do not realize that we (our human form and our Souls) are a vibrating mass of energy, this energy is how we have control over many things. 

First, there must be faith that it is there.  This brings forth the knowing that it does exist in man; then the blessings and thanks given bring it into visibility.  Man is that very thing itself.  This is the way to the attainment of all knowledge.

The brain at first seems to be the perceiver, because it is the aggregation (gathered into a whole: total) of the more delicate cells; and these cells first accept the vibrations and amplify them so that they may be perceived by man.  Then they are selected and sent to all the others organs; and each, if held in divine order, goes to the very organ to which it belongs.

Each organ and nerve center is the seat or special amplifying center for the real man.  When they are harmonized and coordinated, man stands forth in all dominion and power.  He has brought forth the Holy Ghost, the whole of the all-wise, intelligent Spirit in creative action.  This is soul and body brought to one focal center.  This is the place of power, the Christ within man, the place where man stands supreme.

Then how can man suffer discord, inharmony, sin, or sickness unless he idealizes them and brings them into existence?  If he stands forth always and at all times, as the all-wise, intelligent Spirit and knows no other, he cannot be conscious of anything less.  With this highest ideal always held in the clear waters of man’s intelligent thinking, he becomes God.  He is certain to be answered by this inner voice at all times.

Back of will, stands desire.  Will, in its true estate, is a pure colorless force and is moved into action by desire.  Place the desire in harmony with the will force and it will spring into action immediately and call legions to carry out its commands—the only requirement being that the commands are in Divine order.

The Great Principle stands forth as a Golden Light.  It is not remote; it is right within yourself.  Hold yourself within its glow and you will behold all things clearly.

First, with all your being, know one thing: that your own thought when you stand, is one with that thought which brought forth the worlds.   When man learns that he is one with the thought which is of itself all beautiful, all power, and all repose, he will know that his brothers cannot rob him of his heart’s desire.  He will stand in the light and draw unto himself his own.

Let pass through your mind, my son, only the image you desire, which is Truth.  Meditate only upon the true desire of your heart, knowing that it does not wrong any man and is most noble.  Now it takes earthly form and is yours.  This is the law through which you bring forth your heart’s desire.

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