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Sharing the Secrets of Spirituality
Friday, April 22 2022

Day Five – April 21, 2022

Where we focus our thoughts and which scenes, we allow to become lodged in our memories each given moment, determines where our lives flow.  Self-empowerment begins with our ability to focus on positive events.  Because what we focus upon, or hold in our mind, determines the path our lives take.  Whether what we witness makes us smile and laugh, or irritates and upsets us, it is each individual who holds the memory in the mind.  We do have our job cut out for us, because if we had never seen ugliness and evil, ugliness and evil would have no power of expression, it would never have been an option to hold it in our mind. 

To allow us to create love and harmony for our future we must focus only on positive memories.  Some rely on a journal or diary, to record the small details each day which caused the smile or the laugh, and totally disregard the things that have no place in your memory.  When you put forth the effort to focus on the positive, you feed positive energy and this is what creates a beautiful life.

We must have faith in our abilities, and the abilities of life which is all around us.   Earlier today I was planting some of the starts for my garden plants.  In the mountains of Colorado our growing season is shorter, and having squash, cucumbers, and my flower baskets started before that last threat of frost, helps me smile longer.  I do not think about faith when I am planting the seeds.  I know this is a simplified version faith, but God placed the roadmap, so to speak within all seeds.  No flower ever burst into full bloom without perfecting the inner urge. 

“Just as the mustard seed, although it is among the smallest of seeds, has the faith to know that within itself it has the power to express the mustard plant, the greatest of all herbs, for ‘when it is grown it becomes a tree and the birds may come and lodge in the branches thereof; just a seed knows that within itself it has the power to express the greatest, so must we know that we have the power within ourselves to express the greatest.”  When we demonstrate our faith and allow only the positive thoughts to populate our minds, we build a better world for ourselves, our families and friends, and all who inhabit the earth.

Start today to immerse yourselves in positive, life affirming thoughts, acts of kindness, and appreciations of the small things that surround you.  Express your greatness, which will ripple out and help others to express of the same.

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