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Sharing the Secrets of Spirituality
Saturday, April 16 2022

Day One, April 16,2022 by Karen D. Gilroy

Sharing the secrets of Spirituality as taught by, the Masters and many Great Truth Teacher’s

Love is the power supreme. April 16, 2022 (eve of Easter)

There is a Mighty Divine Power—within and around each of us.  To attain the great cure of the current in-harmony in our world, we need to acknowledge this Mighty Divine Power which is a gift from God.  Many people think that God is going to swoop in and make life better, right all the wrongs.  But because God granted each of us to the Mighty Divine Power or as many refer to it as our free will, it is up to each of us to understand our role in this game of life and take steps as individuals to change the course of the future!  I believe this was one of the most important lessons Jesus was trying to teach us.

Reading in Volume 2 of “Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East,” by Baird T. Spalding, I see a message so similar to the message from “The Secret,” but one which predates “The Secret” by eons.  Baird shared his education from the Masters of how our brain has the great capacity to receive and record the vibrations of objects that we see (similar to a camera).  The lights, shades, and colors of the seen objects are recorded.  The brain also has the ability to reproduce these vibrations, as well as, the ability to project them out again.  If we hold these vibrations in our memory, they have the potential of becoming permanent, so that we can see them again, we can manifest them.

This capacity is also used for words and acts, and when words and acts are repeated, they take on a life of their own.  Additionally, our brains have cells that can receive, record, and fix the vibrations of the thoughts, acts, motions, and pictures that other bodies or forms send out.  Through these cells we can assist others as well as ourself.  It is through these cells that accidents and calamities are created.  Some of these conditions include wars, earthquakes, floods, fires, and more.

All of these accidents and calamities, can be changed for the future (the future of our children) if we each begin to use our brains to record the vibrations and swing our focus to more harmonious recordings.  We need to focus on love towards our fellow humans.  Each time we see or hear reports of the mean, in-humane suffering that is taking place, we must revert the pictures to Love, focus on the things we are grateful for, the small things that allow us to smile.

We have to look back in history (far back), to see that the general population once lived in an air of general peace and prosperity.   However, underneath, there was also a seething energy of discord, generated by man’s own ignorant thinking.  This was when men allowed greed and a need for power to rule and they began to visualize military establishments.  Now there is hate, unrest, and discord among our nations.

There are unseen masters who watch over humanity, (some refer to them as guardian angels) and they have done everything in their power to avert the evil and bring about good, but the collective consciousness of many men has allowed their minds to be saturated by hate, unrest, and discord.  We only need to watch our daily news to see that this is now a reality.    

Let’s use this day and all future days to become aware of the inner knowledge which God has gifted us all with, and make changes for the world to come!   It is said that a smile from the soul is a thing of true beauty, the artistic work of the Inner Ruler Immortal.  A wonderful affirmation is, “I think a kind thought for all of humanity across the world.  May all people be happy and blest!”  Do not allow the news and stories which play on the suffering, to become recorded in your permanent records.  This pattern of watching the news only serves to create the wrong permanent recorded vibrations in the collective world.  

I would ask all who are concerned with the unrest in our world, to consider their own abilities to change how we receive and record our words, thoughts, and emotions to those of Love for their fellow humans.  That includes love to the people of Ukraine, the people of Poland and all other nations who are opening their hearts and homes to the refugees, as well as to all of the Russian government, military and citizens.  The only energy that can write this wrong is to change the vibration across the globe.   Remember that one person can change history, we have seen many do it almost single handedly.

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