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Sharing the Secrets of Spirituality
Saturday, April 30 2022

Day Eight 

As I progress through my studies I find more and more evidence that 'What We Think About We Bring About.'

Sometimes its hard to live the whole positive attitude, holding the images in our mind of what we want to manifest.  Here is a message found in Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, which talks about this very process, which God has given to each of us.

Many of us do not realize that we (our human form and our Souls) are a vibrating mass of energy, this energy is how we have control over many things. 

First, there must be faith that it is there.  This brings forth the knowing that it does exist in man; then the blessings and thanks given bring it into visibility.  Man is that very thing itself.  This is the way to the attainment of all knowledge.

The brain at first seems to be the perceiver, because it is the aggregation (gathered into a whole: total) of the more delicate cells; and these cells first accept the vibrations and amplify them so that they may be perceived by man.  Then they are selected and sent to all the others organs; and each, if held in divine order, goes to the very organ to which it belongs.

Each organ and nerve center is the seat or special amplifying center for the real man.  When they are harmonized and coordinated, man stands forth in all dominion and power.  He has brought forth the Holy Ghost, the whole of the all-wise, intelligent Spirit in creative action.  This is soul and body brought to one focal center.  This is the place of power, the Christ within man, the place where man stands supreme.

Then how can man suffer discord, inharmony, sin, or sickness unless he idealizes them and brings them into existence?  If he stands forth always and at all times, as the all-wise, intelligent Spirit and knows no other, he cannot be conscious of anything less.  With this highest ideal always held in the clear waters of man’s intelligent thinking, he becomes God.  He is certain to be answered by this inner voice at all times.

Back of will, stands desire.  Will, in its true estate, is a pure colorless force and is moved into action by desire.  Place the desire in harmony with the will force and it will spring into action immediately and call legions to carry out its commands—the only requirement being that the commands are in Divine order.

The Great Principle stands forth as a Golden Light.  It is not remote; it is right within yourself.  Hold yourself within its glow and you will behold all things clearly.

First, with all your being, know one thing: that your own thought when you stand, is one with that thought which brought forth the worlds.   When man learns that he is one with the thought which is of itself all beautiful, all power, and all repose, he will know that his brothers cannot rob him of his heart’s desire.  He will stand in the light and draw unto himself his own.

Let pass through your mind, my son, only the image you desire, which is Truth.  Meditate only upon the true desire of your heart, knowing that it does not wrong any man and is most noble.  Now it takes earthly form and is yours.  This is the law through which you bring forth your heart’s desire.

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Friday, April 29 2022

Day Seven

Shared -- from The Universe 

Do you think I ultimately reward those who live in poverty?

Do you think those who toil and sweat from paycheck to paycheck are more likely to inherit the Kingdom than those who work in ivory towers?

Do you think I take special notice of sacrifices?

That I'm pleased when some put the needs of others before their own?

Or that I favor those who strive to live spiritual lives?

Actually, Karen D., I love you no matter what rules you make up.

(The key here is to realize that you make up the rules with your thoughts, your God give Free Will, so make your life what you want.)


  The Universe

Thoughts become things... choose the good ones! ® - To reprint, credit and attribution to © 

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Monday, April 25 2022

Day Six – April 25, 2022

I have never been completely successful at meditation, and not for lack of trying.  Spalding describes in Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East that silence is power, and he suggests drawing your attention to your center, going within.  I choose to see myself in my chest, near my heart, this is where I concentrate on silence, and I find I can quite the noise and my thoughts with this technique better than any other method.  I seek and find the silence within, understanding that this is where I find God’s power.  When we are one with Him we are one with all power. 

‘If man would come to know the greatest stranger –himself—let him enter his own closet and shut the door.  There he will find his most dangerous enemy and there will he learn to master himself.  There will he find his truest friend, his wisest teacher, his safest advisor—himself.  There also will he find the alter upon which God is the undying fire, the source of all goodness, all strength, all power—himself.’

‘He will know that God is the deepest part of the silence.  He will find that within himself abides the Holy of Holies.  He will feel and know the closeness that his every desire is in God’s mind and is, therefore, God’s desire.  He will feel and know the closeness of the relationship of God and man, the Father and the Son.   He will realize that only in consciousness has there been any separation of these which have seemed two—just as his spirit and his body have seemed to be two—but which in reality are one.’  This is I AM.

“When Jesus said, ‘I am the door,’ He meant that the I AM in each soul is the door through which the life, power and substance of the great I AM, which is God, comes forth into expression through the individual.  This I AM has but one mode of expression and that is through idea, thought, word, and act.  This I AM God Being, which is power, substance, intelligence, is given form by consciousness; and for the reason the Master said, ‘According to your faith be it unto you,’ and ‘All things are possible to them that believe.’ 

Going within and accepting that you are I AM God, and using your power, substance, intelligence consciously through your free will thoughts and beliefs, you free yourself to have all that God wants you to have.  Ask yourself if you ever been told you are your own worst enemy?  Often someone will tell us this when they watch us make mistakes and are unwilling to allow the views of others to be weighed in our own minds and final decisions.  When we go within, quite our consciousness, become one or at least closer to our power, we will find that we will slow the mind and think through important decisions.  Remember can find your truest friend, your wisest teacher, your safest advisor—yourself.

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Friday, April 22 2022

Day Five – April 21, 2022

Where we focus our thoughts and which scenes, we allow to become lodged in our memories each given moment, determines where our lives flow.  Self-empowerment begins with our ability to focus on positive events.  Because what we focus upon, or hold in our mind, determines the path our lives take.  Whether what we witness makes us smile and laugh, or irritates and upsets us, it is each individual who holds the memory in the mind.  We do have our job cut out for us, because if we had never seen ugliness and evil, ugliness and evil would have no power of expression, it would never have been an option to hold it in our mind. 

To allow us to create love and harmony for our future we must focus only on positive memories.  Some rely on a journal or diary, to record the small details each day which caused the smile or the laugh, and totally disregard the things that have no place in your memory.  When you put forth the effort to focus on the positive, you feed positive energy and this is what creates a beautiful life.

We must have faith in our abilities, and the abilities of life which is all around us.   Earlier today I was planting some of the starts for my garden plants.  In the mountains of Colorado our growing season is shorter, and having squash, cucumbers, and my flower baskets started before that last threat of frost, helps me smile longer.  I do not think about faith when I am planting the seeds.  I know this is a simplified version faith, but God placed the roadmap, so to speak within all seeds.  No flower ever burst into full bloom without perfecting the inner urge. 

“Just as the mustard seed, although it is among the smallest of seeds, has the faith to know that within itself it has the power to express the mustard plant, the greatest of all herbs, for ‘when it is grown it becomes a tree and the birds may come and lodge in the branches thereof; just a seed knows that within itself it has the power to express the greatest, so must we know that we have the power within ourselves to express the greatest.”  When we demonstrate our faith and allow only the positive thoughts to populate our minds, we build a better world for ourselves, our families and friends, and all who inhabit the earth.

Start today to immerse yourselves in positive, life affirming thoughts, acts of kindness, and appreciations of the small things that surround you.  Express your greatness, which will ripple out and help others to express of the same.

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Wednesday, April 20 2022

Day Four – April 20, 2022

I find myself pouring over notes which I’ve have taken over the past thirty or more years.  I want to share information that is much newer than the teachings of Baird T. Spalding, which we can only find by reading the Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East

An author more recognizable to many of my age group is Bernie Siegel, M.D., who was a pioneer in researching the effects of our attitudes and emotions as they relate to health and healing.  Dr. Siegel explores changing the body by changing the mind:  What the placebo suggests to us is that we may be able to change what takes place in our bodies by changing our state of mind.  Therefore, when we experience mind-altering process—for example: meditation, hypnosis, visualization, psychotherapy, love and peace of mind—we open ourselves to the possibilities of change and healing, based on our acceptance of the process.

Spalding reveals that we are a Spirit first and that is our power from God.  When we believe in or focus to heavily on the body we separate from Spirit and this causes the body to age and die.  ‘When we see that Spirit is all and that form (body) is constantly being expressed from Spirit, then shall we understand that that which is born of or bought out of Spirit is Spirit.’ 

To right an imperfection within, relax and remember that we were perfectly conceived by God, that he will always see us in that perfect image and if we will use our thoughts to bring forth true expression, we can change the imperfect (health & thoughts) to perfection.

Remember Spalding’s teaching, ‘learn to smile in the sweet way of a child.  A smile from the soul is spiritual relaxation.  A real smile is a thing of true beauty, the artistic work of the ‘Inner Ruler Immortal.’ 

Learn to thrill yourself.  Affirm, ‘Infinite Love fills my mind and thrills my body with its perfect life.’  Make everything bright and beautiful about you.  Cultivate a spirit of humor.  Enjoy the sunshine and all that it helps to nurture in your surroundings.

I want to share work which I do using “The Emotion Code.”  This is a process or identifying trapped emotions and releasing the energetic hold which the trapped emotion is having on you.  You are welcome to contact me through my email karen@karengilroy if you are interested in a reading. 



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Tuesday, April 19 2022

Day Three – April 19, 2022

As my latest teacher Baird T. Spalding describes the workings of the physical body.  He states that there is no natural law of death or decay, except through accident.  Death is, an avoidable accident.  Every accident is preventable by appropriate mental attitude.

The individual cells of the body possess the ability to retain unlimited youth, aka the fire of life, or Eternal Youth. 

‘Youth is God’s seed of love planted in the human form divine.  Youth is the divinity within man; youth is the life spiritual – the life beautiful.  ‘Age is unspiritual, mortal, ugly, unreal.’  ‘Fear thoughts, pain thoughts, and grief thoughts create the ugliness called old age.’  ‘Joyous thoughts, and ideal thoughts create the beauty called youth.’

Exercise that you can use in the Evening before you fall asleep and upon rising in the morning.  Visualize the Diving Child within. 

Before falling asleep suggest to your consciousness, ‘I now realize that there is within me a spiritual joy-body every young, ever beautiful.  I have a beautiful, spiritual mind, eyes, nose, mouth, skin – the body of the Divine Infant, which now tonight, is perfect.’  Repeat this affirmation and meditate upon it quietly while falling asleep.

Upon rising in the morning suggest to yourself aloud, ‘Well, dear (your name), there is a divine alchemist within.  The inner alchemist has caused dead and worn-out cells to fall and the gold of new skin to appear with perpetual health and loveliness.  The spirit of youth is within my temple – this human form divine, and al is well.  Om Santi! Santi! Santi!  (Peace! Peace! Peace!)


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Sunday, April 17 2022

Day Two - April 17, 2022 (Easter)

Sharing the secrets of Spirituality as taught by, the Masters and many Great Truth Teacher’s

After receiving spiritual training for most of my life from many Great Truth Teachers, I wish to share the messages which touched me, while sharing the sources/teachers.

Reading “The Game of Life & How to Play it,” by Florence Scovel-Shinn 1925, I find the massage that Jesus Christ taught, was the great game of Giving and Receiving.

“Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.”  If he gives hate, he will receive hate; if he gives love, he will receive love, and the list continues, criticism, cheating, and so on. 

“Keep thy heart (or imagination) with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life.”  Proverbs 4:23

The imagination has been called, “The Scissors of the Mind,” and it is ever cutting, day-by-day, the pictures man sees there, and sooner or later he meets his own creations in his outer world, (he manifests what he has allowed his mind to concentrate upon).  To train the imagination successfully, man must understand the working of his mind.  The Greeks said: “Know Thyself.” 

Watch Facebook for more Secrets to come!


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Saturday, April 16 2022

Day One, April 16,2022 by Karen D. Gilroy

Sharing the secrets of Spirituality as taught by, the Masters and many Great Truth Teacher’s

Love is the power supreme. April 16, 2022 (eve of Easter)

There is a Mighty Divine Power—within and around each of us.  To attain the great cure of the current in-harmony in our world, we need to acknowledge this Mighty Divine Power which is a gift from God.  Many people think that God is going to swoop in and make life better, right all the wrongs.  But because God granted each of us to the Mighty Divine Power or as many refer to it as our free will, it is up to each of us to understand our role in this game of life and take steps as individuals to change the course of the future!  I believe this was one of the most important lessons Jesus was trying to teach us.

Reading in Volume 2 of “Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East,” by Baird T. Spalding, I see a message so similar to the message from “The Secret,” but one which predates “The Secret” by eons.  Baird shared his education from the Masters of how our brain has the great capacity to receive and record the vibrations of objects that we see (similar to a camera).  The lights, shades, and colors of the seen objects are recorded.  The brain also has the ability to reproduce these vibrations, as well as, the ability to project them out again.  If we hold these vibrations in our memory, they have the potential of becoming permanent, so that we can see them again, we can manifest them.

This capacity is also used for words and acts, and when words and acts are repeated, they take on a life of their own.  Additionally, our brains have cells that can receive, record, and fix the vibrations of the thoughts, acts, motions, and pictures that other bodies or forms send out.  Through these cells we can assist others as well as ourself.  It is through these cells that accidents and calamities are created.  Some of these conditions include wars, earthquakes, floods, fires, and more.

All of these accidents and calamities, can be changed for the future (the future of our children) if we each begin to use our brains to record the vibrations and swing our focus to more harmonious recordings.  We need to focus on love towards our fellow humans.  Each time we see or hear reports of the mean, in-humane suffering that is taking place, we must revert the pictures to Love, focus on the things we are grateful for, the small things that allow us to smile.

We have to look back in history (far back), to see that the general population once lived in an air of general peace and prosperity.   However, underneath, there was also a seething energy of discord, generated by man’s own ignorant thinking.  This was when men allowed greed and a need for power to rule and they began to visualize military establishments.  Now there is hate, unrest, and discord among our nations.

There are unseen masters who watch over humanity, (some refer to them as guardian angels) and they have done everything in their power to avert the evil and bring about good, but the collective consciousness of many men has allowed their minds to be saturated by hate, unrest, and discord.  We only need to watch our daily news to see that this is now a reality.    

Let’s use this day and all future days to become aware of the inner knowledge which God has gifted us all with, and make changes for the world to come!   It is said that a smile from the soul is a thing of true beauty, the artistic work of the Inner Ruler Immortal.  A wonderful affirmation is, “I think a kind thought for all of humanity across the world.  May all people be happy and blest!”  Do not allow the news and stories which play on the suffering, to become recorded in your permanent records.  This pattern of watching the news only serves to create the wrong permanent recorded vibrations in the collective world.  

I would ask all who are concerned with the unrest in our world, to consider their own abilities to change how we receive and record our words, thoughts, and emotions to those of Love for their fellow humans.  That includes love to the people of Ukraine, the people of Poland and all other nations who are opening their hearts and homes to the refugees, as well as to all of the Russian government, military and citizens.  The only energy that can write this wrong is to change the vibration across the globe.   Remember that one person can change history, we have seen many do it almost single handedly.

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