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Discovering the Healer Within explains the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit. The material within will shed light on why one man is happy, healthy, loving, and successful, while another struggles.

The happy, healthy, loving, and successful man knows how to use the Universal Law of Attraction. He understands how to use his conscious thoughts to design his life.

This man understands and does not fear illness or disease, because he understands the self-healing functions of the physical body and what to do when illness and disease occur.

Finally, this man understands his purpose in life. He understands that he is a spiritual being having a physical experience. To make the most of our time on earth, we need to understand why we are here, what we are supposed to accomplish, and the purpose of life and death.

Purchase "Discovering the Healer Within" for $24.95 (includes shipping & handling)

Nourishing the Healer Within" helps the readers develop self-empowerment. The author has always believed that all that any of us need, was placed here on this earth by our Creator.

This inspiring, motivational and informative book is for those who want to take back their health and happiness. The material contained within will serve as a guide to help everyone reclaim mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Health is a mind, body, and spirit function. One without the others does not make a whole.

Karen D.Gilroy has a Master's of Science Degree in Holistic Health from the American Institute of Holistic Theology, Birmingham, AL. as well as a Masters in Natural Health and Nutrition from the Fit For Life Sciences Institute of the College of Natural (Hygiene) Health, Winnipeg Canada.

Her passion is helping her clients recognize the natural self-regulating and self-repairing abilities of the human body. According to Karen, "There is no need for any of us to be fearful of illness and disease. When we understand the infinite intelligence that our body possesses and why the body creates the healing crisis (illness), it can help us honor the healing process instead of interfering with the use of unnecessary medications and drugs. Our doctors patch us up, but the body does the healing. The Physician is within...Physician Heal Thyself."

Purchase "Nourishing the Healer Within" for $23.95 (includes shipping & handling)

Buy both of the books together for $43.90 and save on shipping and handling charges!

    Karen D. Gilroy

    Wellness Advocate and Author of Discovering the Healer Within and Nurturing the Healer Within

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