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Listen to your body...

Listening to your body is the way to identify emotional and physical issues before they become problems. Your energetic field holds all the information, and this is what I rely on to assist you.

Did you know that illness begins with your emotions? Yes, for every physical
ailment there is an emotional origin!

When your body is balanced there is homeostasis (balanced health), but when
this balance or equilibrium is lost, illness is the result. When illness or pain occur,
it is the body signaling you that you are out of balance. The car you drive has red
lights on the dash panel which will signal when the engine needs checked, and
illness and pain are the body’s signals.

I help you discover what has caused the imbalance.

How do I do this?

I like to scan my clients using the Proxy method (working from a distance).  This allows me to sit in a quite place where I can work with our divine guardian’s or spirit guides along with the assistance of master healers, and Jesus.  When the greatest healer of our time, pass from the physical realm, they are still available, so I gladly accept their assistance. 

I use kinesiology to perform the scan/reading using a pendulum, which is how I receive my answers.  Many healers use muscle testing, but that requires the client to be present, where my method allows me to work from a remote location.

To perform a scan/reading I need your permission.  You give me your name and age, which allows me and your guardians or spirit guides to read your energetic field.

I draw from a number of tools which I have acquired through my education to identify imbalances in your emotional and physical health:

"The Emotion Code & The Body Code" – Developed by Dr. Nelson

“Your body’s telling you: Love Yourself!” –Lise Bourbeau

“The Body Mind Workbook” – Debbie Shapiro

“The Power of the Subconscious Mind” – Dr. Joseph Murphy

Just to name a few!

Emotions Code
Emotions Code
Quantum Energy
Quantum Energy
Put your mind to work for you...
    Karen D. Gilroy

    Wellness Advocate and Author of Discovering the Healer Within and Nurturing the Healer Within

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