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Make healthy changes for you and your family

We all strive to find our passion and purpose in life. I am no different from anyone else. Many of us have jobs that help pay the bills, and sometimes we even enjoy the work and those whom we work with, but do we really get ahead?

Being raised on a ranch, I always saw life through a more natural view finder. I now understand the benefits of naturally raised chickens, pork and beef, garden products and even the wild life that roamed the ranch.

I loved biology in my high school years, and even had a pharmacist who encouraged me to become one. But for some reason this didn’t interest me. Later in life I thought I should have pursued a career in medicine, but still that didn’t fully interest me either. Then I was introduced to holistic and natural health alternatives, and I knew I needed to investigate further.

I earned a Master of Science in holistic health from the American Institute of Holistic Theology. Then I went on to earn an Associate’s Degree in Natural Hygiene (Health) and Nutrition from the Fit For Life Sciences Institute. I now hold a Master’s of Osteopathy with the Fit For Life Sciences Institute.

As I studied and learned more and more about the natural healing abilities of the human body, the more I knew I had to share the information with my family, friends, and everyone else who was dealing with some kind of health issue. I had learned that the Healer is Within! Doctor’s patch us up, but even they know that the body does the healing.

Living in a small rural community, doesn’t give you a lot of opportunity to connect with large groups. It was then that I decided I needed to write a book outlining the marvelous healing abilities that I had learned about. In May of 2011 my first book, Discovering the Healer Within, was published.

In late 2011 I was introduced to the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential oils of dōTERRA. I have to be honest, I did not begin to tell everyone about the oil until I had used them for myself and my family. When we started experiencing great results, I began sharing the information to friends and community members. As the positive feedback began to flow in, I started having classes to show anyone and everyone who was interested.

It was then that I knew I needed to revise my book and my second book, Nourishing the Healer Within, was written. This book gives explains how to incorporate the oils into your health, home, and even your recipes.

Now that I have a dōTERRA Essential Oil Business, my passion is to help others discover not only the healthful benefits of the oils, but also the financial freedom that can come with sharing these oils with friends, family, and community members.

I am fully committed to the dōTERRA Essential Oils company. It is currently the largest essential oil company in the worlds and still growing. These oils have dramatically transformed my life, and they are also being used by physicians, health professionals, and even hospitals. They are the natural products me and my family rely on.

I know how to use these oils, and I understand the business opportunities with the dōTERRA Essential Oil Company. I’m ready and willing to help others learn too!  You are welcome to go to my dōTERRA website to investigate more.

I travel and train my team members, and I am always looking for individuals who want to develop and lead their own dōTERRA Oils business.I am able to travel, set my own hours, and best of all help others discover wellness.

When we are passionate about what we do to earn a living, it doesn’t feel like work!

    Karen D. Gilroy

    Wellness Advocate and Author of Discovering the Healer Within and Nurturing the Healer Within

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