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Your Intro to the Body Code

Using the Body Code, I am able go beyond The Emotion Code and identify o pinpoint up to 60 different emotion which may have become trapped within you, and each of these emotions has the potential of affecting different organs or glands in your physical body.  However, the most important thing is to identify the emotion.

It is important that I identified the time or your age at the time when an emotion became trapped.  Without knowing the time when an emotion became trapped it is difficult if not impossible to release it.

Other times, the emotion is not your own.  That is, you inherited it in your DNA from a parent.  When this is identified, I look for the origin.  Which parent you inherited it from, and if this parent inherited it from their parent, and so on.  I trace it back through the generations back to where it began.

Once I have clearly identified the trapped emotion, whether your own emotion or an inherited emotion, I release it, from you and from everyone effected by the emotion.  When an inherited emotion is released, it is released from all the parties who inherited it throughout time.  This includes their children and their children’s children.  This is a great blessing to remove something which most do not even know they possess.

Trapped Emotions which are inherited are, in your DNA, but you don’t have to accept the physical ailments that most believe to be inherited.  You can choose to release the trapped emotions of your ancestors. 


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